A modification to VAR protocol! PGMOL affirms a new method of decision-making following the Tottenham-Liverpool error

The VAR protocol has been altered, according to PGMOL, as a result of the error that occurred during Liverpool’s match against Spurs on Saturday.


WHAT OCCURED? In response to the confusion between referee Darren England and assistant Dan Cook in Liverpool’s match against Spurs, Premier League VARs will henceforth confirm the results of decisions with their assistant VAR. The authorities meant to say that a check was adjudged to be complete, which led to the wrong judgement being made against Luis Diaz for being offside.


As of October 7, PGMOL will now use a “VAR communication protocol,” ordering the VAR to first validate the results of any check procedures with the assistant VAR before informing on-field officials of the final determination.


THE BIGGER PICTURE: The publication of the audio clip demonstrating the error in judgment that led to the choice has sparked fury in recent days, and Jurgen Klopp has suggested that a rematch of the game would be the most just resolution. Even though the Premier League has maintained that won’t happen, we now know that things will be handled differently to prevent a future repetition of the error. The protocol update aims to improve communication between on-field officials and the VAR crew, which most people find to be difficult.


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