A rookie with the Boston Celtics explains his feelings during the first minutes of non-garbage time.

Jordan Walsh, a rookie with the Boston Celtics, played his first game other than garbage time on February 14 at the TD Garden against the Brooklyn Nets. He entered the game during the first quarter of the team’s eventual 50-point victory (the C’s were ahead by 30 points at the time), and he played 18 minutes in all. In addition to his five rebounds, block, and steal, he finished with a box score plus-minus of +8.


Walsh talked about his first real taste of meaningful NBA playing time with Bobby Manning of CelticsBlog after the game.

Walsh remarked, “It’s definitely a different feeling, but obviously that took some of the load off because they were already up 30 in the first.” “It’s physicality is beyond compare. You will sense something even if it’s just minor, subtle stuff that the referees, you, and us may not see. You will feel it and know without a doubt that it was done to you by someone. It’s just little things like that. The defense will stop at nothing to break your rhythm. Sometimes I try to do it myself. I was on the court tonight and it happened quite a bit. It goes without saying that you have to be tough through everything—the physicality, the tempo, and also




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