After explaining the Liverpool VAR blunder at Spurs, Mike Dean makes Paul Merson enraged.

Because of the VAR decision that was made against the Reds against Spurs last weekend, Liverpool continues to be in the news. Mike Dean had the ire of Paul Merson.


On live television, Sky Sports analyst Paul Merson and veteran Premier League referee Mike Dean got into a furious argument over the goal Luis Daz scored during Liverpool’s match against Tottenham Hotspur.

Even a week after the occurrence, the issue surrounding VAR and its expensive blunders is still being discussed. When asked about Dáz’s goal, other Premier League managers expressed their annoyance, prompting Liverpool to make a statement requesting an explanation.


He chastised the fear of getting into trouble and stressed the significance of taking the situation into account. Dean justified his stance by asserting that the law cannot be amended and that Merson’s outburst hasn’t made him lose his composure.




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