After receiving 10 Grammy Awards and dating celebrities like Clint Eastwood and Don Johnson, Barbra Streisand, 81, discloses the ONE thing she has been missing from her life.

Barbra Streisand has a history of accomplishments, including ten Grammy awards and intriguing relationships (she dated Clint Eastwood, Don Johnson, and many other celebrities), but there has always been a gap in her life.

The superstar-turned-author revealed that she has not had much fun. In her upcoming memoir, My Name Is Barbra, she spilled the tea on some of her well-known ex-boyfriends.

To be honest with you, I haven’t enjoyed much in my life. “And I want to have more fun,” she stated in an interview with the BBC regarding the release of her forthcoming autobiography on Tuesday.

Brooklyn, New York, is where the 81-year-old EGOT was born.

She and her mother, who was left a widow, lived in poverty after her father, Emmanuel, passed away at the age of fifteen months due to a cerebral hemorrhage.

Adolescent Barbra used to cuddle up to a hot water bottle, which she transformed into a doll, until she would eventually nod off.

Diana, the future Hollywood star, did not get along well with her stepfather, even though her mother would remarry.

He never spoke to me or asked me any questions, as far as I can recall. How do I feel? How’s your education going? Whatever,’ she said to the publication.

At the age of sixteen, the Grammy winner set out for her goal.


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