After the Golden State Warriors blow a late lead, Stephen Curry has harsh criticism for them.

Following the Golden State Warriors’ 4th quarter collapse against the Los Angeles Clippers, Stephen Curry was unreserved in his criticism of the team.

After losing a fourth-quarter lead to the Los Angeles Clippers, Stephen Curry pokes fun at the Golden State Warriors and himself.

It would be a vast understatement to say that the Golden State Warriors have not lived up to expectations this season. The Warriors are in 10th place in the Western Conference standings with just one game remaining before the NBA All-Star Break. They are currently sitting at an even.500. That’s not good for a club that a lot of people thought would get back on track this season and fight for a title.


For most of the season, the Warriors have hardly resembled a postseason squad; forget about their standing as a contender. Furthermore, when the Warriors wasted a double-digit fourth-quarter lead against the LA Clippers on Wednesday night, frustrations may have reached an all-time high for the season.

Given how well they’ve played over the last two months, the Warriors shouldn’t be too unhappy about their loss to the Clippers, but the circumstances surrounding the defeat must be upsetting for Golden State.


The Warriors wasted a game they had total control of just when it seemed like they were turning the turnaround on their early-season problems, having won five straight and seven of their previous eight games.

Stephen Curry’s remarks following his team’s double-digit deficit loss in the fourth quarter
Forget about the opposition; the Warriors shouldn’t be dropping a game even with a 12-point advantage in the fourth quarter. Still, they did. And Stephen Curry didn’t hold back while criticizing the underperforming Warriors following the game.


In much harsher terms, Curry told reporters that the Warriors needed to be serious if they wanted to salvage their season.

“”We’re remarkably ordinary. In this level, being very ordinary is not good enough. We have to put in a strong effort. Hopefully, we recover tomorrow and, following the All-Star break, find a rhythm in which we win all of our home games and pick up a few away from opponents.”

– Stephen Curry
It is one thing for an established club to be having difficulties; it is quite another for the Warriors to be experiencing the kind of difficulties they have this season. Curry seemed to have had enough. As talented as the Warriors appear on paper, calling them “average”


This year has been extremely perplexing for the Warriors. They possess the talent to rank among the top four teams in the West. However, they are now far from that. With one last stretch of the season remaining, the Warriors can still win the championship. The first several weeks following the NBA All-Star Break will reveal a lot about this club.

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