Although he broke Wilt Chamberlain’s all-time scoring record, Kareem wasn’t happy about it. “People put a lot of emphasis on milestones, but I don’t”

It was all too much for Kareem, too much attention in the media before his momentous night.


The same kind of enthusiasm and expectation enveloped the six-time MVP in the 1980s as he approached Wilt Chamberlain’s career total of 31,419 points, long before LeBron James eclipsed Kareem Abdul Jabbar. But even though he was honored to break the record, the Los Angeles Lakers center was also relieved that the continual attention-grabbing and uncertainty was over, allowing him to fully focus on his bigger objectives.

Kareem was relieved that ‘Cap’ was a person who was only concerned with winning. He consequently paid little heed to the media frenzy surrounding his record-breaking performance. This quality persisted even after he overtook Oscar Robertson to take the second spot on the all-time scoring record.


As Kareem put it in 1981, “It’s a relief that it’s over.” “Milestones are highly valued by others, but not by me… For me, there’s nothing more thrilling than winning.”

‘Wilt The Stilt’ was 21 points ahead of Jabbar going into the 1983–84 regular season matchup with the Utah Jazz. The 19-time All-Star, though, wasn’t all that thrilled to become the all-time top scorer.

“There isn’t a day that’s gone by without somebody telling me exactly how many points I have and how many more I need,” Abdul Jabbar said. “I’m trying to concentrate on our season. Early in the season, everybody thought I couldn’t do it. I’m approaching the point where I can put this behind me and get on with our primary objectives.”


Using his signature skyhook, the famous big man scored the historic bucket. More significantly, though, he scored 22 points in the game and helped the Lakers win 129-115.

Wilt was delighted for Kareem.

Even though Chamberlain and Kareem’s friendship was not without controversy, the four-time MVP acknowledged that Abdul-Jabbar was the player who deserved to break his record the most.


Wilt remarked, “He deserves it, for sure.” “This record is not an anomaly. It took him many years, a great deal of time, and many two and three guys to pull it off, but he succeeded.”


‘The Big Dipper’ has been surpassed by five additional players on the list since his death in 1999. But it was satisfying to see him transfer the mantle over to ‘Cap’ and give the iconic big man the credit he so well earned.


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