Although Wilt Chamberlain hardly ever lost his anger, the following testimony and video footage show that he did:

In the first video segments, which are against the Knicks, Wilt seemed to have grown tired of Neil Johnson and Dave Stalworth. Newspaper game recaps don’t include this occurrence, presumably because fights were so prevalent in those days that a mere push—even if it involved the player and the referee—wasn’t considered newsworthy.

Sam Jones describes his stool incident, in which he tried to protect himself against Wilt by grabbing a photographer’s stool as a weapon after Wilt took offense with an elbow to the chest, in the second clips and audio evidence. Because of the empty team benches, the throng that spilled onto the ground, and the involvement of a fan in the altercation, this was covered by the media.


Here are newspaper archives from the two NBA games in which Wilt actually delivered punches, along with a video of the stool incident:

Sadly, it doesn’t seem like these have been shown on screen yet, if they have been seen at all. As a rookie, he got into his first fight during the playoffs versus Boston. Wilt sustained a bruising on his hand after repeatedly swinging at Celtics forward Tom Heinsohn. In the 1964 NBA Finals, he used a haymaker to bring Clyde Lovellette to his knees, marking his second career grand slam. Wilt was usually said to be slow to become angry, so it’s intriguing to watch a few videos showing him losing his cool.

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