!!AM SCARED!!– Mohammed Salah said something shocking concerning Man City match

Jurgen Klopp will be aware that his team’s selection is critical to ending Liverpool’s eight-year Premier League winning drought at the Etihad Stadium given the team’s dismal record there.


There’s no denying that under Jurgen Klopp’s tenure, Liverpool’s record at the Etihad has been, well, fairly awful.



Yes, the Reds did win the second leg of the Champions League quarterfinal in 2018, but it should be noted that they had a three-goal lead going into the match.


But ever since Liverpool defeated Manchester City 4-1 in November 2015, in the earliest days of Klopp’s tenure, the visitors have frequently left East Lancs Road with their tails between their legs following yet another humiliating loss.


However, since City moved into their present residence 20 years ago, it has far too frequently been the case. In their last 14 league visits, Liverpool has only won three of their previous 20 and has only collected eight of a potential 42 points.


The Reds haven’t won a league game versus City in over ten years, have given up 19 goals in their previous seven games without a victory, and have only triumphed 1-0 at Anfield in their previous seven matches altogether.

Not very good. Thus, when his team looks to win at the Etihad on Saturday lunchtime to go atop the Premier League table, Klopp will be aiming to buck the trend.





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