‘Any era’ is when Wilt Chamberlain might dominate, according to LeBron James.

LeBron James has the best level of knowledge when it comes to basketball history. Given that he has perhaps the highest basketball IQ in history, it is worthwhile to pay attention to him when he discusses players who helped individuals like him or players in the current game.


James made the decision to revert his beliefs on Wednesday in honor of the late Wilt Chamberlain’s birthday. James claimed that Wilt would have been “dominant” in “any era” due to his stature, talent, and athleticism.


When comparing Chamberlain’s athleticism to that of the other players, it is evident in the highlights. It makes a lot of sense that he would have found out a means to dominate in the current game when you consider that he was almost seven feet tall. Additionally, because the game came so naturally to Chamberlain, he had to be sidetracked by statistical challenges. One such instance occurred during the 1967–68 season, when he attempted to lead the NBA in assists by averaging 8.4 per game.



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