As Roger Federer bowed out, Bjorn Borg said that everyone “had tears in their eyes”.

The Laver Cup players’ emotions were captured by tennis legend Bjorn Borg as Roger Federer left the game in tears after his final encounter with Rafael Nadal.

At Roger Federer’s tennis retirement, tennis great Bjorn Borg maintained that not a single person in the house was crying. Together with the other fortunate guests inside the O2 Arena on Friday night, the captain of Team Europe for the Laver Cup observed the Swiss maestro’s heartfelt farewell to the sport.

Federer was embraced by all members of Team Europe and Team World in one of the most poignant scenes in sports history. He then sobbed next to his extremely emotional competitor, Rafael Nadal, who was also a dear friend.

Additionally, Borg discussed his impressions on what it was like to witness Federer’s last moments as a professional tennis player. The Swede told Eurosport, “After the match, all the emotions came and this is a normal thing.”

“He has played tennis for a long time, but this guy was amazing—not to mention, he’s a really wonderful guy.” We’ve been meeting for a long time and we know his family. We were all filled with tears since this amazing man is retiring from tennis. He understood that everyone loved and supported him, even though it is a terrible event and we will miss him. To see everyone there makes us sad.” Over the years, Borg and Federer—who together hold the record for the most Wimbledon title victories in a row with five—have developed a close bond. Before the game, he told the Swiss legend what he said because he was feeling somewhat .

Borg continued, “Roger is a fantastic guy and a close friend. “He has consistently made an incredible effort to promote tennis globally. Since he hasn’t participated in many matches or tournaments lately, he was a little anxious, but he performed amazingly well. “It was just for him to have fun, even if they had a strong chance of winning. I advised him to be cheerful and appreciate this moment where so many people are watching him from all around the world. Team World won the 2022 Laver Cup despite the fact that Andy Murray, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, and Roger Federer were all playing together for the first time as the “Big Four.”


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