At the Vancouver Levier Cup, Bjorn Borg called on Roger Federer for assistance, saying, “He’s going to be involved.”

The Laver Cup is back, and this weekend in Vancouver, athletes from Team Europe and Team World will compete for the title. Although Roger Federer retired from tennis last year, Bjorn Borg, the coach of Team Europe, has stated that the Swiss player will still be available to assist the squad. Borg is optimistic that his team can reclaim the championship from Team World.

Before stepping away from the sport in the 2022 competition, Federer assisted Europe in winning titles in 2017, 2018, and 2019.
This weekend, Borg will have the opportunity to speak with the Swiss master while he is in Canada.
“I believe that Roger will undoubtedly be a part of Team Europe,” Borg remarked. He’s here, and I have spoken to him—not every day, but frequently enough—but we have a solid contact, and he’s scheduled to stay through Friday, and that will be very helpful.

Naturally, the fact that he has been a member of Team Europe for a long time is very beneficial. “The Big Three (Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic) are not playing, but that makes me very happy,” he said. As I’ve already mentioned, I’m thrilled with my team here.
“I have no complaints because I have six excellent players and I know they will perform really well.”

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