Barbra Streisand claims that Jane Fonda made her career. Jane Fonda answers.

According to Streisand, she declined parts in “Julia,” “Klute,” and “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?” – parts that Fonda was cast in.

Written by Murray Rheana

Thank you very much, but Jane Fonda owes her success to no one.


Thus, when Barbra Streisand made light of Fonda’s celebrity in an old interview, Andy Cohen elicited a strong reaction from the “Grace and Frankie” actor.


“What did you think of Barbra Streisand saying in 2016 that she made your career because she turned down ‘Klute,’ ‘Julia’ and ‘They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?'” Fonda was questioned by Andy Cohen on “Watch What Happens Live.”

Cohen was alluding to an interview with the New York Times in which Streisand made the assertion in what the publication referred to as a “deadpan aside.”


All of the roles that Streisand claimed she turned down naturally went to Fonda.



The Oscar winner who is now a climate change activist responded sarcastically and without holding back.


“She needs to say things like that to kind of, you know, give her a little boost,” Fonda said Cohen. “You must have sympathy for her. Life has been difficult. She requires some encouragement.”


Fonda suggested she was merely making fun of her fellow celebrity as she concluded her remark with a tiny smile.

Streisand was contacted by TODAY to inquire about following up on her 2016 comment, but she has not responded as of yet.


Nevertheless, everyone is aware that Fonda and Streisand are legends who merit every bit of their accomplishment. Furthermore, it seems that the actors are actually quite amiable. Fonda even wrote on her blog in 2009 about having supper at Streisand’s house and how they listened to her soon-to-be-released album while sitting on the floor of her toilet.


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