Barbra Streisand Dissess Donald Trump by Quoting Rapper Memphis Bleek

Was Barbra Streisand invited to the cookout by someone? A deep cut from early-aughts rapper Memphis Bleek—a protégé of Jay-Z and one of the first artists signed to Beyoncé’s husband’s Roc-A-Fella Records—was quoted by the Academy Award–winning singer and actor in a recent tweet about the erratic former president Donald Trump, who may soon face charges for his involvement in the January 6 uprising.

Regarding Trump’s most recent legal troubles, Streisand wrote, “Trump is going to be indicted for stealing classified documents.” A Manhattan grand jury had indicted Trump for his involvement in providing Stormy Daniels with hush money, and few weeks later, a Manhattan federal court had found him guilty of sexual assault. Streisand went on, “He is going crazy with his tweets urging his cult to ‘FIGHT.'” “We recall the events of January 6th. “The weak start riots, the strong remain quiet.”Rapper Memphis Bleek.” The bar is taken from Bleek’s song “1-900-Hustler,” which is a joint effort by Beanie Sigel, Freeway, and Jay-Z from the 2000 album The Dynasty. Where is Barbra Streisand getting the knowledge of these old hip-hop tunes? HipHopHeads or R? Is she an original fan who was moved by the song upon its release and remembered the exact line when she tweeted about our protracted national nightmare? Maybe she looked up quotes about riots on Google? Bleek captioned his Instagram photo of Streisand’s tweet with,

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