Bayern Munich dream line up next season with new signings

Who makes it into our ultimate fantasy team, despite the fact that Bayern Munich has been represented by some of the greatest players in history?

Bayern Munich is one of the most successful clubs in Europe, having won the Champions League (or European Cup before 1992) six times. They are not only the dominant force in the Bundesliga with 32 German league titles to their credit.

The FCB jersey has been worn by many legendary players over the years, as is to be expected from a European powerhouse like Bayern.


This includes giants from the brilliant 1970s such as Gerd MUller or Franz Beckenbauer, but also modern-day greats like Philip Lahm and Thomas Muller to name just a few.



Manuel Neuer, goalie

In 2011, Manuel Neuer moved to Munich under questionable circumstances. The young Schalke player left his beloved club to join Bayern, which didn’t win him any fans among the Schalke supporters.


But from a sports standpoint, it was exactly the appropriate move. Neuer has been the Bayern goalkeeper for 11 years and has twice won the Champions League and 10 times in the Bundesliga.


He also assumed the captain’s role after Philipp Lahm retired, joining a long history of outstanding Bayern captains.


However, there were been outstanding goalkeepers in the club’s past before Neuer, like Sepp Maier and Oliver Kahn. But when it came to choosing the ideal Bayern Munich goalie, they got the short end of the stick.


Neuer modernized goalkeeper participation in team play and reinvented the sweeper-keeper position in numerous ways.


And for that reason, he is selected for this team above two excellent keepers.


Lothar Matthaus, DEF

One of the greatest footballers of all time, Matthaus played for Bayern for a total of twelve years across two separate stretches.


He relocated from Borussia Monchengladbach to Munich in 1984 to help the Bavarians win their first national championship since 1981.


He transferred to Serie A four years later, one of the top European divisions at the time that drew the best players. At Inter, Matthaus had great success and even won the Ballon d’Or.


He moved back to Munich in 1992 and won the UEFA Cup in 1996, but in 1999, Manchester United’s miraculous injury-time goal prevented him from receiving the Champions League trophy.


David Alaba, DEF

Our three-man backline for our ideal team is completed by a player who was essential to the team’s recent run of success.


Over the years, David Alaba has captured the hearts of supporters and countless championships while wearing a Bayern jersey.


After leaving his youth team Austria Wien for Munich a few weeks after turning 16, Alaba signed a permanent contract with Bayern Munich after a six-month loan at Hoffenheim.


With the red jersey, he won an amazing 28 titles. He provided the team with outstanding service as a left defender, a center back, and a central midfielder.


Despite the fact that his 2021 transfer to Real Madrid wasn’t well received by the fan support, he succeeds in

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