Before the Laver Cup, John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg exchange subtle jabs in an attempt to reignite their historic tennis rivalry. McEnroe says he’s “upset that they finally lost.”

Historical tennis rivalries are always fascinating to watch. When two of the greatest players in history, John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg, return to the limelight, it’s like a competition and charming throwback to the past. These tennis greats have begun teasing one another once again as Laver Cup 2023 draws near. They have also dusted off their tennis equipment.

The current captains of Team Europe and Team World, Borg and McEnroe, reminisced about their fierce on-court battles during a recent press conference with some lighthearted banter. “They think they’re in good shape but they aren’t, I’m just telling you that,” Borg said with a sly smile. We’re prepared to defeat these people. It was typical Borg behavior—calm, collected, and subtly self-assured.

Never one to back down, McEnroe shot back, “That doesn’t sound like him.” They might be angry that they didn’t win last year.

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