Biggest surprise, disappointment, and Coach of the Year (NBA Reaction)

Results from the most recent NBA Reacts include Coach of the Year and MVP.


We asked you about the biggest surprises and disappointments of the season thus far. The findings of that survey are shown below. There was also a league-wide survey with some interesting results (described below).


Kristaps fits in perfectly with this team. He not only emphasizes what they already accomplished well, but he also introduces new perspectives. He is the “curveball” about which Mazzulla has spoken extensively this summer.


Despite a few recent losses, the club remains at the top of the standings at 48-14, so it’s not surprising that there haven’t been many disappointments this season (so far). As always, it comes down to what happens in the playoffs.


Finally, a really fascinating finding from the league-wide study. Mazzulla receiving more than one-third of the outcomes is important. Sure, he has a stacked roster, but he has gotten them to believe in and realize their potential (so far). Often, this goes to a squad that outperforms its preseason expectations. Perhaps folks weren’t convinced about Boston’s possibilities before the season. Regardless, it will be intriguing to see how the actual awards unfold.


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