Blake Griffin discusses his potential NBA return.

Two Boston Celtics appeared on Barstool Sports’ Pardon My Take to discuss their former teammate’s potential return.


Boston Celtics guards Derrick White and Payton Pritchard spoke on Barstool’s Pardon My Take. They were questioned if former Celtics big man Blake Griffin may return to the team this season.


White and Pritchard have always had a tight relationship with the six-time All-Star, and both have spoken highly of Griffin’s mentorship.


“He’s the best,” White and Pritchard both said.


one of the most common questions they heard was why the former all-nba player no longer plays, despite griffin still having some juice in the tank with the celtics last season.


“we begged him to; we’ve been begging him to,” pritchard remarked, smiling, as white went into greater detail. “i think the whole team has been begging him to come back to boston.




Pritchard said he last texted him a few weeks ago, wondering if he was ready for one last shot at a championship.


“He said he’s enjoying his life,” Pritchard explained.


Dan Katz, the host of Pardon My Take, then called Griffin and asked him why he was no longer playing, joking that it was because he couldn’t dunk anymore. Griffin immediately answered with his own joke, claiming he regretted answering the phone.


“Yeah, we talk a lot,” Griffin remarked. “I’m just enjoying life right now.”


When asked if he guarantees or believes the Boston Celtics will win the NBA title this year, Griffin expressed no doubt.


“I think yeah, they’re my favorites,” he said. “I don’t want to put bad juju on them, but yeah, they’re the heavy favorite in my mind.”


The crew continued to quiz him about why he didn’t want to return and perhaps earn a ring.


“Oh man,” Griffin said, as White and Pritchard began giggling. “If you get that out there and enough people start tweeting about it, then yeah, maybe I’ll come back,” he joked when Katz asked if he was still able to dunk.


Griffin has openly expressed several times how fantastic a club and destination Boston is, emphasizing how much he cherished his one season as a Celtic.


“I mean, Boston is unbelievable,” Griffin said. “Playing in Boston was perhaps one of the best experiences. The fans are wonderful. The players on that team are just such a nice bunch of guys.”


Given how late it is in the season, Boston’s fondness for Neemias Queta, and the possibility of him taking the Celtics’ final roster slot, Griffin’s return to Boston this season likely has little life in it.


Joe Mazzulla stated that he spoke with Griffin over the summer but left the former superstar alone after he stated that his family was his top priority following Boston’s East Finals loss last season.


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