Breaking News: a !Shocking! VAR decision on Diaz disallowed goal “revealed”

Oh my god, PGMOL has released the VAR audio from the error that led to Liverpool’s goal against Tottenham being incorrectly disallowed for Luis Diaz, along with video of Darren England denying pleas to stop the game.


During Liverpool’s defeat at Tottenham on Saturday, Luis Diaz’s goal was controversially and incorrectly ruled out due to a monumental VAR mess-up that caused those at Stockley Park to incorrectly believe the on-field decision to be “goal,” meaning they said the check was complete. audio recordings released on Tuesday night show that VAR officials froze under the weight of pressure and their own mistakes.

The Reds formally requested the recording on Monday, and their request was granted on Tuesday afternoon. On Tuesday night, the referee’s organization PGMOL made the audio recordings available to the public, demonstrating that officials were aware of their significant error right away but chose not to stop the game.


After the game was incorrectly resumed, the VAR operator is heard saying, “Wait, wait, wait, wait, the on-field decision was “offside,” are you happy with this?” That’s wrong, Daz (Darren England, VAR),” England responds with a sigh and an expletive before yelling, “Oh f***.”



The VAR Hub Operations Executive, Oli Kohout, intervened to ask officials to stop the match and correct their error, but England resolutely said, “Can’t do anything,” and the match began with a free-kick from Tottenham. England said, “I can’t do anything” (expletives bleeped out).


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