Breaking news: Bjorn Brog accusing his wife for the cost of his problems, has officially divorced his wife as reasons explained…

Mariana Simionescu, the charismatic Swedish athletic hero’s first wife, remembers what it was like to be the spouse of one of the greatest athletes of all time and shares how she was able to “bring out his emotions”

One of the biggest rivalries in sports is chronicled in the recently released movie Borg vs. McEnroe. However, it brought up memories of the man she still refers to as “the love of my life,” both happy and sad, for one lady. The movie centers on the matches between the cool Swedish tennis star Bjorn Borg and the fiery American John McEnroe. Mariana Simionescu was Bjorn Borg’s first wife.

Mariana remarks, “I don’t know if I was the real love of Bjorn’s life, but he was for me,” after seeing the premiere in Stockholm, where she first met Bjorn and his third wife Patricia.

When he started dating a teenage model he met while judging a wet T-shirt contest, they made headlines and eventually got divorced in 1984. Their romance started in 1976, the year he won the first of his five straight Wimbledon singles titles. Mariana moved to Monaco forty years ago with Bjorn, and she hasn’t married again. Her mother and she reside in a house filled with pictures from her eight years of marriage to Bjorn.

It was a heady time, that summer they got together. “That was the best ever,” Mariana remarks. For myself and for Bjorn.

“Don’t be too late” was her mother’s response when she begged for permission to leave. However, she clarifies, saying, “We were talking, so I didn’t go back to the room until 5am.” She had to deal with his pop star-style popularity as they started dating. “At times, I felt sorry for these girls,” the woman states. I once told a Japanese girl who was dozing off at our door to come in, say hello to Bjorn, and then be on your way. “After we got married and they realized he wasn’t single anymore, it was a little calmer.”

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