Breaking News: Jürgen Klopp gave a “schoking” response to Guardiola Comment concerning VAR decision

Following the VAR controversy surrounding Liverpool’s loss to Tottenham last weekend, Jürgen Klopp suggested a replay would be the most just decision.


Jürgen Klopp has addressed the debate surrounding Liverpool’s loss to Tottenham in the Premier League and explained his remarks regarding a rematch of the game.


He said, “I knew it would be hard when I talked about the other game yesterday. I knew. And once more, you all demonstrated to me how things really are in the world. Everyone in the room, I believe, heard what I said, but they all evidently comprehended something else. But it’s alright!”


Klopp made it clear that he and his team have moved past the Tottenham defeat in order to concentrate on their upcoming game against Brighton. “If I made the impression yesterday that I was still in the game against Tottenham, I was not at all,” he stated. That was a long time ago. it’s okay; we are past it now. We are not youngsters or anything else. We only had a few questions to address, so we did.




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