Breaking news: Liverpool star player is set to miss the rest of the season due to injury

Two members of Jürgen Klopp’s Liverpool team are out for the rest of the season, and more information on a few more is anticipated as we approach a crucial week.


In a number of ways, Liverpool’s season has been a complete bust. It has been a fruitless season in terms of prizes, with the team now officially eliminated from all cup competitions and without a chance to claim the Premier League championship.



Many of those can be ascribed to injuries, some of which are regrettable and others as a result of a lack of depth, which has led to the overuse of some choices.


When players like Naby Keta, who traditionally has a poor injury record but whom Jürgen Klopp never fully trusted even when fully fit, leave in the summer, others who are more dependable must be added in order to improve the caliber and availability of the midfield.


After every game, we aim to keep you informed on the most recent injury news at Here is how the situation is developing before a 17-day break that includes international games.



On April 1, Liverpool will play host to Manchester City in their next match. That marks the beginning of a busy week that spans nine days and includes games against Chelsea (on the road) and Arsenal (at home).

Thiago, who is currently out with a hip injury, shared a video of himself working out on social media earlier this week, but there is still no word on when he might be able to play again.







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