Breaking News: Sad story about the Beatles that not everybody knows about

That we lost John, and George, way to early. But we are happy to have all the amazing music, and not to be sorryWhich of The Beatles’ songs is the happiest and the saddest? The music that makes me feel both happy and sad, in my opinion. How a little girl longs for her own life and eventually musters the courage to leave behind an oppressive household in order to follow her own path. And a mother and father who feel hurt by their “baby” because they “gave her everything money could buy” and refuse to view her as a young woman ready to try her wings. Of course, I’m referring to “She’s Leaving Home.”

Not that they split up, but rather that two crazy people attempted to kill George and John, respectively. They were constantly afraid that something might occur, and it did. Following John, Paul withdrew into solitude while the media relentlessly attacked him, trying to paint him as a one-man band when, in reality, he was a key member and composer of the Beatles. The unfortunate part is that all of them paid a hefty price for their celebrity. But in the end, those guys experienced a lot together. They simply have a certain quality about them.

It constantly saddens me that John and George were never able to get back in touch. Ringo had always stayed close to John, who was and had been working on mending their relationship. They were scheduled to meet in early 1981. However, John and George had been cold toward one other by the time of John’s murder because of their differences, which were primarily caused by the “I Me Mine” book and a few other things that John perceived as slights in the late 1970s.

Of course, nobody could have predicted what was going to happen to John, but it always saddens me that he and George were never able to work out their issues and make amends. Of course, Mal Evans, Brian Epstein, and Stuart Sutcliffe come to mind.

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