Breaking News: Steffi Graf officially wants to divorce her husband as reasons explained

The legendary tennis player chatted with PEOPLE on Saturday in Las Vegas prior to the “The Netflix Slam” tournament.

Although Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf are the ideal tennis couple, to their children, they are just your typical parents. With 30 Grand Slam victories between their parents, Jaden Gil Agassi, 22, and Jaz Elle Agassi, 20, Andre says he can see why some people might believe they had a lightbulb moment when they learned their parents are celebrities.

At a press conference for The Netflix Slam tennis tournament in Las Vegas on Saturday, Agassi, 53, says exclusively to PEOPLE, “I can imagine how somebody looks at that from the outside.” “There will come a point when they realize, ‘These are my parents,’ for whatever reason.” The tennis great asserts, nonetheless, that that was untrue since Jaden and Jaz always considered Andre and Graf, 54, to be their parents first and foremost.

“So, when we saw people approaching us in grocery stores, Jaden and Jaz thought, ‘What’s going on with these people?'” Thus, you go through a whole phase where they say things like, “Well, it’s not like the people are showing up as though it’s a big deal.” He continues, “And then they begin to piece together why it’s a big deal.”

Nevertheless, he says that while the two tennis players attracted attention, it helped his children comprehend the distinction between the actual them and the image of them. “They begin to see that they’re peering past the Wizard of Oz facade and that it’s not all that,” Andre explains. Thus, a healthy balance is something that the process as a whole type of requires. Even though Andre was a legend in his own right, he is in awe of the players and the game today, especially Rafael Nadal and Carlos Alcaraz, who will compete in Sunday’s Netflix Slam at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

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