Breaking News: Two key players experience injury today in the German squad

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Reuters, SYDNEY, July 29 – The loss of Felicitas Rauch to a knee injury has hurt Germany’s chances of winning their third Women’s World Cup, but coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg is sure that the rest of her team can step up in Sunday’s match against Colombia.


Rauch injured her knee during a workout, according to Voss-Tecklenburg, and although the coach would not provide further details, she added, “Feli cannot play, but we are fortunate that the diagnosis is not worse than what she has.


We did receive a diagnosis quite fast, and it was generally favorable and gave us some breathing room,” the coach added.


The most lopsided encounter of the competition thus far was the 6-0 thrashing of Morocco by the second-ranked Germans in their opening contest. Colombia defeated South Korea 2-0 to start their season.


The Germans were already without defender Giulia Gwinn, who was instrumental in her team’s second-place finish to England at the 2022 Euros, and defender Carolin Simon of Bayern Munich, who tore her anterior cruciate ligament earlier this month during their final pre-World Cup match against Zambia.

Voss-Tecklenburg stated, “(Rauch) is the third defender that we lose. “We are aware of the several backup solutions we have. We always know that we want to work as a team to overcome these obstacles as a community, and we will be ready for that.


Voss-Tecklenburg, who spent six years coaching Switzerland before being named Germany’s coach in 2019, thinks her side will benefit from the difficulty.

“From that, we draw some power. And we basically want to have the attitude that it doesn’t matter who is on the actual pitch,” she said. “We’re going to collaborate and support one another. We have faith in each of our players, so we can make up for this injury.


Many star players were forced to withdraw from the Women’s World Cup due to injury before the competition began, and numerous more have done so after it began. On opening night against Australia, Haiti’s Jennifer Limage tore her ACL, while Sam Kerr, the Matildas’ top scorer, missed the first two games with a calf injury.


Soccer is a dangerous sport, as we discussed as we were driving here. Here, we have injured players. We strive to take precautions. But because it’s a contact sport, injuries are unavoidable, according to Voss-Tecklenburg.




There may be some players that are unable to complete this competition. We want to compete against the best, and we also want to give our players the chance to have rewarding experiences and participate throughout the competition. If not, then the answer is that it does affect us. Injury does indeed hurt us. However, that isn’t just true for our team.


On August 3, Germany plays South Korea in their final Group H match.


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