Breaking News:DJ Lagway Willis revealed a secret that all Longhorns fans should Know about

During the first spring ball practice in 2022, D.J. Lagway at Willis High experienced one of many “Wow!” experiences.


Two and a half weeks prior, Trent Miller was announced as the head football coach of the Wildkats. He watched as his team began a 7-on-7 practice. Miller focused his gaze and concentration on the highly regarded sophomore quarterback who was mentioned to him during the interview process.


“D.J. started running to his left, flipped his hips, and probably threw a 35-yard ball all the way across his body, across the field to his right, for a touchdown,” Miller said. “Routes kind of broke down.” “I thought, ‘Oh my God,'”

Vaughn, who is currently Klein Forest’s head football coach, was ecstatic.


Indeed, he fulfills the expectations! Vaughn to Miller exclaimed.


Miller stated, “That’s all we needed to see.” “Let’s just make sure that guy stays well.”


Miller was a Texas A&M-Commerce quarterback. He had been a mentor to the prolific Bishop Davenport at Spring before joining Willis. A two-time district MVP under Miller and a three-star recruit, Davenport is currently a quarterback for South Alabama.

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