Is there anyone who could be likened to Wilt Chamberlain? Give up your thoughts πŸ™πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

To begin this piece, let me say this. For everyone who does not believe that this is the most competitive and talked-about discussion in NBA history, what other debate is there?


Indeed, the competition between Chamberlain and Russell is covered in detail on Wikipedia.


Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain are the two greatest centers in game history.


Regardless of how you rank them or compare them, both centers have accomplished enough in their professional lives to qualify as the greatest center to have ever played the position.


Whether it was Wilt, the unstoppable scorer who could easily score sixty or more points.


Alternatively, there was Russellβ€”the rebounding magnet and ideal colleague. Oh, and throughout his 13-year career, he also won 11 NBA Championships.


Although there have been a lot of articles comparing the two on this page, I hope that this one will help you see the argument of who was the greater player from a different angle.


Before we compare, here is a brief bio that does not include any statistics that contrasts the two different kinds of players we are discussing.

Having played with and against the two, Wilt was and still is the more talented of the two. Russell consistently offered his Celtics the finest opportunity to be champions.


Russell excelled in the postseason, while Wilt was the superior player during the regular season.


Russell performed well in high-pressure scenarios, but Wilt was nonexistent in clutch or crucial ones.


During the 1961–62 season, when Wilt averaged 50 points per game, Russell won the league’s Most Valuable Player award.


Wilt only cared about his numbers, how many points or rebounds he could muster. Russell was merely consumed with the pursuit of victory and trophies.


Only Chamberlain’s critics’ opinions mattered to him. Russell was primarily interested in his teammates’ opinions of him.


Two NBA titles were won by Wilt. Russell triumphed with eleven.


I’ll divide the list into six slides to explain how it functions. The most distinctive and varied viewpoints on the two players may be found in the six slides.


A few of these concepts have been collected from the several papers and narratives that I have perused that draw comparisons between these two plays.


Let me clarify before anyone says, “I am a Russell homer.” I am not. I am the greatest fan of Wilt Chamberlain. I have always loved him as a player, even as a small child.


I even committed most of my money to purchasing an autographed, game-used jersey from Wilt, and I have committed key dates from his successes to memory. I am therefore the furthest thing from a fan of Russell.


I’m just stating the facts.


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