Can you still hear Joan Baez sing?

Indeed it is. She released her first new song since 1990 two years ago. It is dedicated to Donald Trump and is titled “Nasty Man.” She is still actively involved in advocacy, even at the age of 77.

She went on tour in promotion of her album, which she published last year. Her career appears to be winding down, but it’s not finished.

Joan Baez: what happened to her?

She remains in existence. She released a fantastic record a year or two ago. Yes, she did stop touring last year. She might still occasionally perform, but she won’t be going on any lengthy tours.


She has a softer voice now than when I saw her a few years ago, but she still put on a great show. Through her songcovering, she continues to support up-and-coming talented songwriters.

Was Joan Baez ever a good singer?

Indeed, across her lengthy career, Joan Baez had always had a good voice. She has always, in my opinion, done a good job choosing which songs to sing. She frequently presents talented young songwriters who could benefit from the spotlight.


Later in my work, I had the good fortune to meet her several times in person. Her youthful clean soprano voice did mature into a deeper tone. The voice was deeper, which I loved.


Over her career, she frequently covered Bob Dylan songs as well. “Diamonds and Rust,” a song she wrote about their romance, is one of my favorites.


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