Carr would always give it his all in practice and in games, even if they were played back-to-back, according to Larry Bird.

While Larry Bird is a member of the Boston Celtics, he will play with some outstanding players. Michael Leon Carr (also known as M.L. Carr) is one of them; Larry Legend acknowledges that Carr was one of his favorite teammates. From 1979 to 1985, Bird and Carr shared the court with the Celtics. Both were members of the winning squads in 1981 and 1984.

Although Carr didn’t play a lot of minutes, the Kansas City-Omaha Kings selected him with the 76th pick in the 1973 Draft, and he contributed to the team’s overall improvement.

By 1980, Carr’s playing time and output had decreased, but he hardly seemed to mind. Bird remembered how the former Celtics coach employed a variety of tactics to push teammates in order to maintain the competitive spirit, and his desire to play persisted.

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