“Caucasian Man Who Will Strike You in the Eye: Larry Bird’s Aggression emitted a radiant…

Not only did the most renowned trash talker in the NBA engage in fascinating discussions with coaches, but he also spoke with players.

Larry Bird has consistently demonstrated his ability to be one of the greatest trash talkers of all time. We wrote about the ten occasions Larry Bird demonstrated his ability for trash speaking, and we covered dozens of similar examples of Bird embarrassing his opponents. This one is notable for several reasons.


Bird is a master manipulator.


Bird is a master manipulator.

When Terrell Brandon first joined the Basketball Kingz PDX in 2019, he revealed some wild recollections about his time playing against Larry Legend. When the two-time All-Star first faced The Hick from French Lick, he was a rookie point guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers



Bird is a master manipulator.


The great three—Bird, McHale, and Parrish—were playing the Boston Celtics in the 1991–1992 season. We had a one-up position. ‘Who’s protecting me?’ he asked. following our return from the time-out. Now keep in mind that I’m a novice,” I said to Craig Ehlo. “Why do you have that white boy on me?” he asked. Keep that white boy off of me.


Not the only instance

The Craig Ehlo tale is not a unique instance of Bird being made fun of by his rivals for having white players cover for him. The Celtics met the Bulls and a teenage Michael Jordan back in 1984. Coach Doug Collins believed that Ben Poquette would be the ideal defensive matchup for Bird, but he was terribly mistaken. Larry finished the game with 41 points, having scored 33 at the half




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