Celtics Lab 237: Using Chris Forsberg, forecast the number of Boston Celtics who will be East NBA All-Stars

We will soon find out how many Boston Celtics will suit up for the yearly exhibition match after the league coaches choose the reserves and the final results of the fan vote for the starting lineup of the 2024 NBA All-Star Game, which is scheduled to take place in Indianapolis, Indiana in February.


Considering the previous rounds of returns, it appears highly likely that the Celtics will have two or more All-Star players by 2024. With a little bit of fortune, Boston could potentially score three or even four.


In an attempt to forecast the 12-man East roster for the Association’s 2024 East All-Stars—including the number of Boston players that will be selected—the producers of CLNS Media’s “Celtics Lab” podcast teamed up with Chris Forsberg of NBC Sports Boston.


We also discuss the most recent trade rumors and reflect on Boston’s recent winning streak (except for a setback in Denver, of course).


FanDuel is the podcast provider for the Celtics Lab.



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