Chad Johnson Thinks the Steelers Will Sign Russell Wilson Daniel

Given that the Denver Broncos have already made their intention to release quarterback Russell Wilson known, he is anticipated to be among the most well-known free agents of the NFL offseason. Wilson might be able to start with the proper team even though he is not the same player he once was.


Although there are other clubs that would be interested in adding a quarterback, former wide receiver Chad Johnson claimed he has heard rumors of one team in particular pursuing Wilson.

On his Nightcap Show podcast with Shannon Sharpe, Johnson stated, “A little birdie told me, and I said this many shows ago, Russell Wilson coming on over there to the Steelers.”


Justin Fields, the quarterback for the Chicago Bears, was mentioned by Sharpe as a potential trade target for Pittsburgh, but according to Johnson, Fields is really going to the Atlanta Falcons.


Johnson declared, “I got the script, I told you.”


Kenny Pickett is about to embark on a crucial third season in the NFL, thus the Steelers may be searching for a veteran to compete with him. Playing in 12 games in 2023, Pickett finished the season with an injury and finished with just 2,040 passing yards, six touchdowns, and four interceptions.



Even with Pickett’s injury, Pittsburgh managed to make the playoffs, and Wilson would provide the Pirates with a more seasoned option should Pickett decide not to pursue his chances.



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