Champion, an ex-Celtics player, explains why playing in Boston is “special.”

Antoine Walker, a former NBA player, began his career with the Boston Celtics. He not only had his greatest level of success personally in Boston, but he also contributed to the Celtics reaching unprecedented heights since the Larry Bird era.


Walker gave Sports Illustrated’s Arya Chawla an exclusive interview in which he discussed why the city had such a profound effect on him.


They have among the greatest sports cultures on the planet. Bostonians are ardent sports lovers who take their games very seriously. Even if you’re not the team’s best player, they still value effort. Whether you’re a rebounder or a hustler, Walker told Chawla in a story published on February 24.


Walker then looked deeper into what makes Celtics fans unique.



“They value the 12th and 13th man as much as they do the best player on the team. Playing in Boston offers a unique experience.If you desire to work hard and dedicate yourself to Boston, they will welcome you as family. So I always think of Boston as a second home.”

Walker played for the Celtics from 1996 to 2003, returning temporarily in 2005. He went on to win a championship with the Miami Heat the next season.


Antoine Walker Explains What the Jays Need to Do

On the “View From the Rafters” podcast, Antoine Walker reflected on his time with the Celtics and shared what he thinks Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown will need to do to get over the hump.


“Jayson and Jaylen have had a lot of success early on as far as making deep runs in the playoffs,” Walker remarked on the show. “Now it should simply be championships. What should I give up? What do I need to do? What will have to happen in this locker room? How can I improve my leadership to get over this hump? That’s the mindset I believe they should be in because they’ve had so much early success, as well as individual awards.”

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