Chiefs give credit Chris Oladokun, who represented the scout team as Lamar Jackson

This week, Chris Oladokun, the quarterback for the Chiefs, will get paid for his practice squad.


According to Steve Spagnuolo, the defensive coordinator for Kansas City, Oladokun is working hard to support the Chiefs’ defense by filling in for Lamar Jackson on the scout team.

Through USA Today, Spagnuolo stated, “He completed it yesterday for us.” “I will say that having Chris is a blessing for us. He completed it for us last week. Josh Allen was who he was. Even during drills, you’re not finishing on guys because you’re not tackling anyone. However, we have discussed a few things regarding our practice regimens in order to be ready for him. Additionally, I believe Chris offers us the best impression we’ll get during practice week.


Oladokun is a mobile quarterback who has never participated in a regular-season game. In his brief preseason action, he ran for thirty yards. Although no one can perform at Jackson’s level, the Chiefs are hoping Oladokun is providing them a thorough enough inspection.

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