Coby White just expressed what the Celtics are on everyone’s mind.

Super teams like the Boston Celtics exist. Their roster consists of five players who have the potential to be All-Stars. And their sixth man is Al Horford. Moreover, Jayson Tatum, their finest player, is a strong contender for MVP. It was therefore not surprising when Coby White discussed the Boston Celtics’ roster composition following their victory over the Chicago Bulls on Thursday.


White stated, “They’ve got an s— ton of good players,” according to Chicago Tribune reporter Julia Poe.

White’s remarks sum up what all other people are thinking. Perhaps the most talented team in the league is the Celtics. At every point on the floor, they present matchup challenges. At +10.4, they presently have the highest net rating in the league. They’re definitely in the running to win the Larry O’Brien Trophy at the conclusion of the campaign.


This summer, Boston’s roster developed quickly. Brad Stevens made quick trades to acquire Jrue Holiday and Kristaps Porzingis. The nucleus of the Celtics was altered by those arrivals. Around the trade deadline of February 8, Xavier Tillman and Jaden Springer were added, giving the already deep squad even more depth.

The Celtics have so much skill on their roster that they will consider any outcome short of a championship a failure. Midseason victory over a failing Bulls squad won’t do much to sway the expectations of the eager supporters. That same caliber of skill, though, will surely produce a segment of the fan base that is eager to see the club fail.


White’s remarks will strengthen the opinions of those who wish to see the Celtics falter. Some people will always be waiting for a superteam to falter. The Brooklyn Nets, headed by Kevin Durant, experienced the same thing. But the Celtics have been preparing for this day for nearly ten years. In the postseason, their finest players are put to the test. The rest of the NBA should take White’s remarks as a warning. Because this Celtics squad is probably unstoppable when they’re playing at their best, unlike any other team in the NBA.


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