Congratulations: Ohio lawmakers has successfully gotten Pete Rose into the Hall of Fame

Two Ohio lawmakers are now suing to get Pete Rose into the Hall of Fame. MLB’s all-time hit king has been barred from the league for gambling on baseball during his playing and management careers, a ban that the Hall of Fame has recognized. However, because he is now 83 years old, the public believes that the Hall of Fame would lift the ban after his death, and lawmakers want Rose to live to see his own future Cooperstown plaque.

Reps. Bill Seitz and Tom Young are co-sponsoring a resolution requesting that MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred lift Rose’s ban, allowing him to be voted into Cooperstown. Resolutions have no legal power. “In terms of talent, there is no one greater. Period,” Seitz told the Cincinnati Enquirer, adding that it is “hypocritical” that MLB has ties to gambling sites while yet banning Rose from the game.

Rose wrote to Manfred in November 2022, “asking for your forgiveness,” and stated that it was his “dream to be considered for the Hall of Fame.” He had already applied for reinstatement four times. Last July, Manfred stated that Rose violated baseball’s first rule, and the penalties were clear. Commissioner A. Bartlett Giamatti, who lasted only five months as MLB commissioner before dying of a heart attack, placed Rose on baseball’s permanently ineligible list in 1989, just one week before Giamatti’s death. Rose denied the allegations for several years before admitting to betting on baseball and Reds games in 2004.

Rose has revealed that he continues to bet on baseball, which has hampered his reinstatement hopes. Rose has made multiple appearances at MLB stadiums after his retirement, the first being when he was selected to the All-Century Team in a pregame ceremony before Game 2 of the 1999 World Series. He also took part in a celebration commemorating his 25th anniversary as the Hit King in 2010, as well as the 2015 All Star Game in Cincinnati. In August 2022, he traveled to Citizens Bank Park to celebrate the 1980 Phillies’ World Series victory.

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