Congratulations to Anna Kournikova on her wedding anniversary today

Anna Kournikova is expecting her third child, according to a new report. The former tennis star, who has two-year-old twins Lucy and Nicholas with long-term lover Enrique Iglesias, is expecting her third child in the coming months. The couple has not commented on their happy news, but photos obtained by Spain’s Hola! magazine show the couple on a boat in Miami, with the 38-year-old appearing to have a significant bump.

It is not surprising that the couple have kept Anna’s pregnancy under wraps, considering they didn’t declare they were expecting twins until days after the babies were born.

The Hero singer recently revealed that he aspires to be a ‘cool’ dad, but that having twins has given him a new sense of duty. He said, ‘It’s one of the nicest feelings in the world. [I am more responsible]. I drive slowly. I reconsider ridiculous things before acting on them.

‘I want to be a nice, easygoing dad.’ The couple apparently began dating in 2001, after meeting on the set of his Escape music video. Enrique has kept his personal life, particularly his relationship with Anna, out of the spotlight for many years, but he does share a few rare photos of his children on Instagram.

He earlier said that he does not believe in ‘ideal partnerships’ because every pair experiences ‘difficult moments’. He said, ‘You go through good and bad times. I find it difficult to think that the perfect relationship exists. I don’t believe that exists. First and foremost, she is the coolest chick in the world. And she understands who I am so well that she is prepared to give up her personal time with me to allow me to pursue my music. It’s a major sacrifice, which I greatly respect.

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