Dan Shaughnessy tells a few uncommon stories about Larry Bird from the Celtics in the 1980s.

Renowned sportswriter Dan Shaughnessy was one of the few who saw Boston Celtics history unfold live in the 1980s. Legendary in Boston, Shaugnessy authored a book on his experiences traveling with the NBA in the 1980s, especially with Larry Bird and the Celtics. Shaugnessy did what many others did during the epidemic lockdowns.


Shaugnessy offers an extremely special and uncommon unedited look into the life of the media in a league where the media depended on the athletes to tell their stories and the athletes needed the media to promote their games.

Check out the clip from CLNS Media’s “NBA History and Storytellers” show posted below to hear some exclusive stories about Larry Legend.



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The story first surfaced on Celtics Wire.



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