“Dark Hand Man Was His Brother”: Michael Jordan’s family opposed racism years before Wilt Chamberlain opened the door for Black athletes

Over the years, a number of NBA luminaries have made significant contributions to the battle against racism. Players like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Bill Russell, and others were leading the charge in the dispute. In addition, they encountered harsh criticism for their position and unfriendly treatment from prejudiced supporters. Conversely, Wilt Chamberlain blazed the path for Black sportsmen with his domination despite his lack of vocalization. The gamers weren’t the only ones fighting, though. For their rights, countless men and women from all walks of life battled. It’s interesting to note that Michael Jordan’s descendant participated in the fight as well.


Jordan gained notoriety for saying, “Republicans wear sneakers too,” which essentially sums up his political outlook. For the most portion of his life, the Chicago Bulls legend has avoided politics, a decision that has drawn criticism from many.


Michael Jordan’s great-grandfather


North Carolina was the upbringing place for Michael Jordan and his siblings. He had the good fortune to spend over ten years in the farming village of Teachey, living with four generations of Jordan men. The six-time NBA champion visited his great-grandfather Dawson Jordan during this period. According to reports, Dawson was well-liked in the neighborhood for his courage and his opposition to bigotry.


In 2014, sportswriter Roland Lazenby released Michael Jordan: The Life, a biography of the basketball star. In the book, the author provided a wealth of fascinating and little-known facts about the Hall of Famer. He also discussed his great-grandfather in great detail. Notably, Lazenby asserted that Dawson’s father belonged to the Hand family and was a White man.


Dawson opposed prejudice despite the fact that his father was purportedly a White man from the Hand family, who owned slaves. Lazenby also mentioned Dawson’s remarkable physical strength and fearlessness. Dawson’s “uncommon toughness” was still discussed in the community decades later, the author wrote. In addition, he asserted that MJ’s great-grandfather persevered in facing his opponents, remaining “unbowed, undefeated.” Michael Jordan was 14 years old when Dawson Jordan went away.

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