Demo Vinyl Record of Beatles’ Highly Collectible Debut Hit “As Paul McCartney’s Name Spelt Wrong”

A rare early single by the 1960s pop group, Love Me Do with its accompanying track PS I Love You, is expected to fetch up to £9,000 ($11,3900) at auction on Monday, indicating that the market for rare Beatles memorabilia is still booming. According to the BBC, there were only 250 copies of this demo record printed on vinyl, pressed, and sent to music TV and radio stations before the record was released in October 1962.

Watch on Deadline. Rob Smee, a vinyl specialist, is quoted by the BBC as saying that the record’s value stems from Paul McCartney’s name being misspelled as “McArtney.” He added, “Being one of only 250 it is of particular interest to Beatles’ collectors and the misspelling of Paul McCartney’s name is both authentic and interesting in itself.”

On Monday, the record will be put up for sale at Chelmsford, Essex, UK’s Stacey’s Auctioneer’s Sale. Worldwide buyers have expressed interest in the sale, according to the auction house. The Beatles’ first song, “Love Me Do,” peaked at number 17 upon its release in October 1962. When it was released in the US in 1964, it peaked at number one on the charts there as well as in Australia and New Zealand.

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