Dennis Scott on how Larry Bird made him commit fouls early in the game: “Hey rook, go have a seat.”

Larry Legend is the ultimate trash talker in 3-D.

Very few NBA rookies who were active during Larry Bird’s career do not have an iconic “Larry Legend” story to tell. Though every story is different, they all essentially say the same thing: the native of Indiana is a wild man who loves to talk trash.

When I arrived to the Boston Garden my rookie year, he said, “What’s up, rook? I heard you’re a great shooter and you got a great career at Georgia Tech.” However, you’re going to foul out of this match. Gazing at “Larry Legend,” I inquired, “What do you mean?” ‘First time I catch it, Imma pump fake, you’re gonna reach for it, foul,’ he exclaimed. In 2018, Scott told The Camera Guys.



“I yelled, ‘In your face!’ after hitting a big three. Why did I act in that way? The next time he comes down to the court, he catches it, and I reach for it again, hehe! [Imitates the sound of the referee’s whistle]. “‘Hey rook, go have a seat and I’ll see you in the second quarter,'” said Bird.

Bird is the ultimate arrogant person.

Ever since that day, Scott has joined the countless others who think that Bird’s keen sense of humor and diverse skill set complement each other well. Dennis contends that Bird used psychological strategies that went beyond simple verbal abuse, even though many regard Gary Payton or Reggie Miller as two of the most vicious trash talkers in NBA history


Following several epic trash-talk tales featuring “Larry Legend,” Scott arrived at a single, definitive conclusion. He is unwavering in his belief that Bird is the best NBA trash talker ever.


“We talk about trash talking, most people think it’s Gary Payton and Reggie Miller are the best trash-talkers ever, Larry Bird is the best trash talker ever,” Scott said.



“I learned early on to strive to take advantage of any opportunity. I talk less than I used to since I can’t support my statements with the same vigor as before, but it also makes me feel better and boosts my confidence. Bird once remarked, “I don’t know if it does anything to the opponent, but it gets me fired up.”


Bird became well-known for his adept use of foul language while playing basketball. Nonetheless, many came to appreciate his distinct and divisive approach to the game because of his ability to support it with outstanding results.



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