Denouncing his influence on basketball, Larry Bird said, “There will be someone better”

Bird understood that the game itself was not greater than his brilliance.

Larry Bird raised the bar for others to follow when he joined the NBA in 1979. Bird needed to improve his game while building a reputation for himself as a member of the Boston Celtics, particularly in light of the rise of Michael Jordan and Earvin “Magic” Johnson. However, “Larry Legend” was clearly successful and went on to become a major contributor to the NBA’s current state.


But Larry minimized his influence on the game in a 1991 interview that published ahead of the 2024 All-Star Weekend.

“There will always be basketball. In a decade, “I will be surpassed by someone bigger, stronger, and better than myself,” declared Bird.


Comparisons will always occur.

Bird was often compared to another all-time great, Rick Barry, when he first joined the NBA. Even while it was flattering, the 12-time All-Star made it clear that, at the moment, his only concern was keeping up with his peers.

“I had my own flair, and Rick Barry had his. However, I want to be regarded as the best when I’m playing the game because, you know, I can compete with these guys like Dominique and Magic. That’s the main idea,” the legendary Celtic said.

Outperforming his contemporaries and developing into an even greater player than Barry, Larry went on to have the greatest NBA career ever. Additionally, he redefined the phrase “point forward,” setting the stage for the all-around superstars that rule the NBA today.

Nevertheless, Bird keeps up with the league. The renowned forward acknowledges that the game has changed, but he still finds enjoyment in observing the next generation of players and their style of play.


“I enjoy the game being played right now. The two-time NBA Finals MVP stated, “I respect the players; we had our run. This is their time, and this is how they like to play.”


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