Despite expressing his desire to retire from Snokker, Ronni O’Sullivan has stated that he has had enough at the World Grand Prix.

Even though Ronnie O’Sullivan acknowledges he has lost interest in the demands of the game, he has no plans to end his illustrious 32-year career in snooker. Having won the Shanghai Masters, UK Championship, and Masters, the seven-time world champion is having one of his best seasons yet. Despite this, he admitted, “I’m quite happy, but I do find these tournaments and playing a bit of a struggle.”


Despite acknowledging that “I’m not enjoying my snooker,” snooker great Ronnie O’Sullivan has taken steps to allay suspicions that he may be considering quitting from the game.

In the World Grand Prix quarterfinals at the Morningside Arena in Leicester on Friday, O’Sullivan defeated Scottish Open winner Gary Wilson with a confident performance to win his 12th consecutive competitive match of the year



The 48-year-old O’Sullivan defeated Wilson 5-1 on the black after the seven-time world champion had won 5-2 against Zhang Anda. O’Sullivan, however, needed breaks of 68, 129, 78, and 58 to advance to the semi-finals on Saturday night.


Since going professional in 1992, O’Sullivan’s career will have reached 91 ranking tournament semi-finals.

The world No. 1 said he is lacking motivation despite having a tremendous season that included victories at the Shanghai Masters, UK Championship, and Masters. He also advanced to the International Championship semi-finals



“I’m always having to find reasons to play, saying I’ll do it for this and that,” he stated to ITV. “I’ve never thought I actually really want to do this.”I have felt like I’ve been soaring at times. It’s been fantastic: You feel as though you’re on top of the world.”Too few have shown good form. It seems as though I’ve been playing automatically.”I’ve been fortunate to work with [sports psychiatrist] Steve Peters for the past ten or twelve years.

“I feel very fortunate for that, but you get to my age and again there’s always a reason to keep playing.”There are many reasons that encourage me to continue playing, but I’m not convinced they are still worthwhile.


“There’s lot of reasons to incentivize me to keep playing, but I’m not sure they’re worth it anymore.”I’m not going to state that I’m going to quit because everyone asks, “When are you going to retire? Don’t quote me on that. “However, I’m not taking pleasure in my snooker, no.

“When you are winning, it is difficult to give up.

“That niggling voice in the back of your head, that makes you think if I can get my game half right, I’ll stroll tournaments.”



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