Despite his 60-point performance, Larry Bird doesn’t remember it being that good of a game.

The majority of NBA players exude confidence. This was particularly applicable to Larry Bird. The Boston Celtics player was an irresistible force on the court, but he led a rather straightforward home life. Larry Legend was known to inform the defenders exactly how he intended to score before executing the play because he had such confidence in his own ability. He was just that good.

When seen in that light, Bird’s recollection of his historic 60-point game makes perfect sense. The Hick From French Lick approaches things a little differently than other men, even though they may talk about feeling amazing or being in the zone. He didn’t think the game was enjoyable.

Seem unreal? For you, that’s Larry Bird.


Larry Bird recalls his 60-point effort as an unsatisfactory, sloppy night.

Although Larry Bird has had a number of outstanding performances over the years, his 43-minute performance on March 12, 1985, ranks very highly. The Boston Celtics and Atlanta Hawks played at Lakefront Arena in New Orleans on that particular day.


Even while the final score of 126-115 doesn’t seem noteworthy, the box score indicates that something quite exceptional occurred. With his impressive 60 points, Bird shot 61.1% from the field (22-26). Although he only managed to make one three-point shot, he hit fifteen free throws, grabbed seven rebounds, and dished out three assists as well.

Time travel: In a 2015 ESPN interview, the well-known forward was questioned about his recollections of that match. You’ll be let down if you thought Larry Legend would wax lyrical and discuss everything in favorable terms.


Bird said to Mike Mazzeo, “It wasn’t that good of a game.” “I enjoy games that are scrappy, hard-fought, and pound it inside.” It was merely an aimless game. I seem to recall that the game was rather close. It wasn’t a good game; we were up 10 the entire time, but we weren’t up 20, 25, or anything. Two days prior to that, I had run a 5-mile race, and I was surprisingly sore. My legs ached so much. Not like I was exhausted or anything, but I was truly sore.

To make matters worse, the three-time NBA champion went above and beyond. In case you missed it, he didn’t think that game was fun.


Bird went on, “I knew I was going to play that night.” “I simply had no idea how successful I would be. But I was hitting shots once I got rolling. But the game itself wasn’t enjoyable to play. That game wasn’t really my thing.


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