“Disapproves” of Barbra Streisand’s flirtatious friendship with ladies’ man Ralph Fiennes, according to her husband James Brolin

Renowned actress Barbra Streisand has long harbored feelings for British actor Ralph Fiennes. Rumor has it that their years-long flirtation enrages her husband, James Brolin, as reported by RadarOnline.com.

It’s no secret that Streisand has a thing for Fiennes, 81. The 82-year-old has freely acknowledged that she finds the English Patient star “irresistibly attractive,” which reportedly bothers the 83-year-old Brolin.

Brolin seems to be frustrated about more than just Streisand’s long-standing crush on Fiennes.

Insiders revealed to RadarOnline.com that the 83-year-old has had enough of being her “whipping boy.”

Upon the release of her memoir, My Name is Barbra, which only managed to sell 210,000 copies, Streisand’s husband was allegedly the target of her resentment.

Numerous women appear to be affected in that way by Fiennes. Before and after his 1997 divorce from the English actress Alex Kingston, his only wife, he had several mistresses. Barbra claims the moody hottie once told her he would never get married again because “I love too many women.”

“Ralph’s the one that kind of escaped,” the insider continued. In actuality, they’ve never been apart.”

According to an insider, Jim is tired of being her whipping boy. “She’s always in his face, whining about this and that.”

“Friends ask why he puts up with it, but he has the patience of a saint. Barbra treats him like a doormat and is extremely needy and demanding.”


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