DISBELIEVING HEADSHAKING IN THE CROWD: Ronnie O’Sullivan Top Five (5) best moments on the board 🤯🤯

Commencing his career in 1992, Ronnie O’Sullivan is regarded as one of the finest snooker players in the sport’s history. Some colleagues and commentators have referred to his performance and achievements as the best in the current age of snooker. Having won seven world titles, O’Sullivan is the owner of numerous records, including as the fastest maximum break in professional competition, the most century breaks, the most maximum breaks, and the most Triple Crown event titles (22).


In an imposing display, the world’s top player hit four century, with breaks of 135, 128, 128 and 124.


In addition, the 48-year-old scored breaks of 79 and 90 as he won in Leicester in just one hour and twelve minutes.


“I was feeling fine. It was orderly. Every shot felt in command. The seven-time world champion O’Sullivan told ITV3, “I felt confident and at ease.”

He continued, “I’m looking forward to it, playing Judd, who’s been one of the players of the season,” in reference to his meeting with world No. 2 Trump.


“He’s playing fantastically well.”


O’Sullivan, who last week won a record-tying seventh Masters title, once more expressed doubts about his snooker career after defeating Zhou Yuelong to go to the World Grand Prix final eight.


“It’s hard because when I’ve come and said what I’ve said this week, saying I’m not bothered if I win or lose, people pay good money to come and watch and when I say that I just mean that I’m struggling with myself,” O’Sullivan said.



I want people to know that I’m doing my hardest, not that I’m not trying at all. It was a pleasant evening.”

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