Dismantling Michael Jordan’s 13-game losing streak against the Boston Celtics and Larry Bird

Michael Jordan won a lot of games during his NBA career. Jordan is regarded as the greatest basketball player of all time in large part because he won six titles with the Chicago Bulls during his tenure.

Naturally, a lot of supporters overlook the fact that early in Jordan’s career, it took the Bulls some time to get things going. He suffered 13 straight losses to Larry Bird and the Boston Celtics during that span.

Throughout the 1980s, Jordan and Bird faced off frequently. Although Michael would go on to become the league’s best player, Larry defeated him in the early stages of his career. When considering the run’s history, Jordan’s injury-plagued 1985–86 season served as the catalyst for everything.

Even though MJ only participated in 18 games during the regular season that year, he was able to return in time for the teams’ first-round playoff series. Despite playing in one of his few regular-season games against Boston, his 20 points were insufficient to keep Chicago from losing badly.

During this short postseason series, Jordan started to develop into the superstar that we all know and love. Chicago lost both games despite his massive 63-point performance in Game 2 and his 49-point performance in Game 1. With just 19 points in Game 3, Michael Jordan withdrew, and the Bulls were eliminated from the playoffs.

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