Do you believe Larry Bird would have been successful if he had played in this era of basketball?

Larry Bird would dominate the modern NBA. Bird had no flaws on offense. He could score with any hand and had an inside-outside game designed specifically for today’s NBA. His defense was underappreciated. Despite his slowness, he had incredible reflexes and was an All-NBA defensive player for three years. In fact, his most legendary play is probably on the defensive side of the ball.

Position-free basketball? Bird was a 6’9 forward who could play off the ball and also run the offense. A pioneer is pointing forward. His eyesight was almost unsurpassed. And this will remain true regardless of the era in which he plays. Today’s NBA has higher scoring than prior periods. A top Bird in today’s game could easily average 30-11-7 on 50/40/90% shooting. That is MVP-caliber. Bird’s alleged lack of athleticism is vastly overstated. He wasn’t fast, but he had excellent reflexes, a superb grip, and was ambidextrous. And he had country farm kid strength and a wicked streak.

Some of the NBA’s top players are not the strongest, tallest, fastest, or most athletic. -Luka isn’t especially speedy. Doughy. -Jokic? Ditto. Doughy and relatively sluggish. -Tatum possesses decent athleticism. However, unlike many other NBA players, he is not from another world. -Steph is relatively small. Not a particularly good athlete. What do all of these players have in common? Regardless of their physical limitations, they are all extremely skilled players. They have worked extensively on their craft. They are incredibly knowledgeable about the game of basketball. And they can all shoot. That’s precisely like Larry Bird.

Finally, Bird was really difficult and competitive. I’m not suggesting today’s athletes aren’t competitive. But, in a game full of whiny divas, I’d rather have a difficult, highly competitive, and incredibly skilled player than an uber athlete. Some of the best players of all time consider him to be one of the most difficult opponents to face. Michael, Magic, Kareem, and Sir Charles all recognize his greatness. Even LeBron has him on his Mount Rushmore. Nobody would ever question if Michael could compete in today’s world, would they?

Larry has a 23-11 record versus the GOAT. In addition, they have a 6-0 playoff record. Larry would dominate any era of NBA Basketball.

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