Do you think Luka Doncic will be the best basketball player?

It’s tough to say. Doncic is unquestionably one of the top offensive players. His three-point shooting and defense both need to improve. Right now, he is a terrible defender and a 3 point shooter at best. It’s not a good sign for a guy who isn’t particularly athletic. He is a superb playmaker, though.


Do you believe Luka Doncic will become a legend? He already is. Since Kobe’s passing, everyone has been grabbing their roses while they still smell them. The media cannot get enough of Luka. They claim he is currently one of the best ten, if not the top five, players in the league. He is already generating more attention than most stars. Luka is also expected to be Europe’s best player since Dirk. Everything about Luka right now has been compared to NBA greats. Luka has a strong argument for becoming the NBA’s face shortly. Yes, that is legend speak.

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