Done Deal: Buddy Hield to Celtics has been announced as deal Finalized today

A noteworthy name surfaced in the trade market just as NBA training camps get underway in less than two weeks. The Pacers and guard Buddy Hield are reportedly considering a trade after they were unable to reach a new contract, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic.


Before becoming a free agent, Hield, 30, will earn a salary of $18.6 million in the upcoming season. Considering that he was unable to secure a new deal, in 2024 he ought to be among the most well-known players available in free agency. He needs to play out the upcoming season before that.

Would the Celtics engage in negotiations to acquire Hield? In 80 games during the previous campaign, the guard averaged 16.8 points, 5.0 rebounds, and 2.8 assists. Hield’s shooting, of course, is his greatest quality; he made 42.5% of his 8.5 3-pointers a game. He’s been among the league’s finest shooters for several years, which makes him a potentially useful addition for the Celtics.


Hield can be seen as a valuable asset by teams looking to acquire players, so it also depends on what the Pacers are looking for in a possible trade. Brad Stevens, the president of Boston, may not close another transaction for the Celtics because he was busy this summer reorganizing the team.

Malcolm Brogdon, a guard, fits into a possible C’s package because he will earn $22.5 million over the next two seasons. If the Celtics decide to make any changes to any trade, there might be more salary fillers and picks.


After winning Sixth Man of the Year in his inaugural season with the Celtics, Brogdon is coming off a great campaign. But there have been recent rumors that Brogdon is not satisfied with the team, either due to his injuries or the trade rumors. Recall that the original plan for the Kristaps Porzingis trade was for Brogdon to join the Clippers rather than Marcus Smart to join the Grizzlies.


As of right now, the majority of the discussion around Brogdon’s feelings toward the organization is conjecture. Sure, he wasn’t happy in June, but that doesn’t mean he’ll be upset come training camp. However, the Celtics may decide to let go of the guard if things don’t work out during camp or if there are injury worries.


Being a part of the Celtics offense should be very beneficial for Hield in terms of his fit with the team. Clean looks on 3-pointers would help players like Derrick White (38.1%) and Brogdon (44.4% from 3) and the front office thought, and they both proved it last season. As a shooter, Hield will probably make teams focus more on him, but that will only give the other players on the court more room to maneuver.


Hield would be a good shooter and depth piece for the C’s lineup, though his position there would also depend on the terms of any deal. However, there are concerns over his defense, which is where the Celtics occasionally lost their identity during the previous year. Therefore, if the C’s wish to pursue Hield in the trade market, there are more things to think about.


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