‘Durant-like’ offer required for the Celtics to make a three-time move Superstar

Last summer, Jaylen Brown inked a $304 million supermax deal. The agreement will take effect at the conclusion of the current season. After Jayson Tatum, Brown is Boston’s second-best player. The Celtics are thought to be a title contender and presently have the most skilled team in the NBA, but the cost of their squad is expected to keep going up.


Tatum is expected to sign a supermax contract this summer. A decision regarding Jrue Holiday’s contract must be made in the upcoming year. New agreements will also need to be negotiated with Derrick White. It makes sense to anticipate that Brown will be a trade candidate in the upcoming years given his expensive contract and the reality he isn’t the team’s greatest player.

An executive from the Western Conference told Howard Beck of The Ringer that a possible deal including Brown would probably be “Durant-like.”


The CEO said to Beck, “Jaylen would set the record for the biggest return.” “It should be a Durant-type deal,” which would entail several trades and first-round selections in addition to elite rotation players. Brown may not have Durant’s resume, but he is also eight years younger.

Naturally, the Celtics would want to be competitive even if they are forced to part ways with the native of Georgia. The plan would be to relocate Brown in order to reduce their luxury expenditure while retaining Holiday and White. A gifted player would have to be going to Boston in exchange.


In the following several seasons, if the Celtics win a title or two, Brown’s future may come up for consideration. When the current team has a few rings, it could be time to start over with a younger core in Tatum’s center. Alternately, add new players on the aging roster to provide Tatum more chances to succeed.



Brown’s contract would then come into play. As a championship-winning forward who is prepared to take over as a new team’s main option, he would be much more valuable.


Brown’s future is still in Boston for the time being. But it’s generally acknowledged that Brad Stevens might have to part ways with the All-Star wing at some point. The Boston Celtics supporters will be hoping that day is far off




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